55 year old mom and 35 year old daughter - "My daughter and me have never had someone to talk to that is so encouraging and positive as Dr. Hossain. Thank you so very much!"

First-Generation Pakistani female (28 years old) - "I like Dr.Hossain and my parents do, too. I really needed a therapist who would understand me and my parents would actually agree to see. Dr. Hossain was a perfect match for my parents and me."

46 year old female - "We needed Dr. Hossain as my husband is more traditional. My children and me are friends but we are at a constant battle against my husband. Dr. Hossain was able to connect with him and us."

African American male (34) and female (34) who fell out of love during Covid - "We have seen a few marriage counselors before. The last one literally read questions off a paper. And the counselor at church did not really want to work with us. Dr. Hossain is genuine."

51 year old - "I grew up without any family, unlike Dr. Hossain. She really understands the family dynamics of South Asian families."

22 year old male - "Dr. Hossain understands the Middle Eastern culture and was able to relate to my Iraqi mom, my teenage sister and me. Since my father abandoned us I felt like I was the only parent in the family. Dr. Hossain helped us with our family structure." 

Hispanic college student, 23 - "I wanted to say my last three sessions were an eye opening experience for me.Dr. Hossain listened attentively for what I had to say. She motivated and guided me to become the best version of myself."